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VNC Enterprise Edition 4.6

VNC Enterprise Edition is a remote administration program
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VNC Enterprise Edition 4.1 is a remote administration program that enables the network administrators to remotely manager their computers. The program works by installing a server-side application called the VNC server which will listen on a certain port for connections made by the client part. The network administrators can set a password to protect their servers from any unauthorized access. The VNC Enterprise differs in the following aspects: the server and client are compatible with all operating system such as all Microsoft Windows versions including Vista and Server 2008, Linux and MacOS; better security due to the utilization of 2048-bit RSA keys and the ability to set long complex passwords of up to 256 characters, moreover you can use the built-in operating system's authentication. The Enterprise Edition has another additional wonderful feature, it's that you dont need to install the viewer program to manage your servers but you can connect to them through any web browser with java enabled. More wonderful features are available in the enterprise edition such as the file transfer functionality and a text-based chatting system.

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  • Windows Vista ready
  • browser based management
  • Powerful encryption
  • native system credentials association


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